CAMDEN Accessible Playground

Below are photos of the original playground. As we rebuild, we will add photos of the new playground and the rebuild in progress and found HERE.

castle through tot-lot
The front of the castle, seen through the tot-lot area.
Stage area, back of castle
This is what is on the reverse side of the castle...a stage used during the summer for entertainment for the kids, free of charge.
Tot Lot Swing Set
This is the swing set in the tot-lot.
Older kids swing set
This is the swing set in the larger kids area. Also seen are the bead game, and the one of a kind Harley Davidson spring ride.
The tot-lot train
The train in the tot-lot.
Castle seen through the tot-lot
The castle along with the life-size alligator seen through the tot-lot.
The sand box complete with digger toys, both accessible and other.
Sensory Wall in between tot lot and other area
The sensory area between the main playground and the tot-lot area. There are several "panels" created by a board member, Jim Allen, which are 3-d or have several textures for the visually impaired. This is also a resting place in the playground.
Older kids area
This is part of the older kids play area.
Older kids area conveyor belt walk
Another view of the older kids area with the conveyor belt walk, cable walk, rings, and bars.
roller slide
One of three slides; the roller slide, one of the most popular pieces of equipment on the playground.
Other two slides
The Wave slide and the twist slide are on the main ramping system.