CAMDEN Accessible Playground

The Laws and Regulations regarding accessible playgrounds is specified by the American Society of Testing and Materials. When Camden Playground was built, there were many areas still in the works as to defining and setting laws. The Laws did state, however, that ramps must be wide enough to accommodate two wheelchairs, side by side, that there be rails along the sides at wheelchair levels, that the highest point of the ramping system could be no higher than 6' off the ground, that there had to be a certain amount of padding under the equipment.

When the committee started with Camden Playground, they were made to evaluate several areas of the city. Each member went to the other existing parks, rated them and returned their ratings to the City Parks Dept, who then compiled them and came up with the chosen location. Ranking was done according to several things.

1. Major was accessibility, parking availability, and other activities nearby.

2. Compatibility with the surrounding area site, shape, size, and topography.

3. was geographic location, would it be a draw to the city.

4. the existing condition of the site.

Palmer Park is a large city park, it had ample existing parking, and nearby restaurants, gas stations, a pool, golf area, and existing playground equipment, not to mention a pavilion. Therefore, it received the highest on this rating.

Palmer Park also was very flat, the area chosen had very few trees which would have to be removed, and the digging was at a minimum. The size was plentiful and the playground structure being wood, and in colors of forest greens, rusts, and dark oranges fit in perfect.

Palmer Park is located just off I-90, Hwy 11/Racine Street providing a great location for draws from every surrounding city and outside city/state traffic.

Palmer Park had existing equipment, but this wasn't as important as the playground built would provide fun for all children, regardless of needs.

The present condition of Palmer Park, at that time, was as a city park, therefore well cared for and cleaned daily by the city workers.

There are many laws regarding accessibility, and a good link to the laws is below...visit the site and find out what is needed before you build, and check the ADA standards.