In 1993 the world changed for many with special needs, and even those without. The world's largest accessible and most accessible playground went from a family's dream, to a reality.

CAMDEN Accessible Playground was completed in two phases; starting in September, 1992 and ending in May, 1993. With the help of 3,000 volunteers and many donations, this playground became the model for over 200 accessible playgrounds world-wide and helped eliminate the prejudice that had once existed in the city of Janesville, against those with special needs.

Since that time, the playground has had 1.3 million visitors (City of Janesville, Tom Presny) a number which has grown every year since 2014.

Now is the time for the rebuild of this special playground something the board of Directors is working up to, with the help of many in Rock County. It is their hope to have the project completed in the near future, to ensure this playground stays around for generations to come.