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Americans With Disabilities Act
The Actual ADA, updated.

Foundations & Grantmakers Directory
If you're looking for funding for your accessible playground, check here first

Gerber Leisure Products, Inc.
Playground Equipment, we used much of their equipment on our playground.

Janesville, Wisconsin
Not an Accessibility link, but the city where CAMDEN Playground is located.

Kompan Playground Equipment
Accessible Playground Equipment

Ladies of Harley
This is the womens group within the South Central Wisconsin Harley Owners Group which has been doing an auction each year at the Camden Ride for the playground. They are a great bunch of ladies, check them out in your own community.

Leathers & Associates
The Architects who took our ideas and made it happen.

National Information Center for Children and Youth With Disabilities
a WONDERFUL place with lots of information and a newsletter

Playworld Systems
More Accessible Playground

South Central WI Harley Owners Group
A wonderful group of people who raised money for charities, and who have supported CAMDEN Playground since 1990, their longest running charity run.

Trex wood/polymer lumber
Timbrex Link

US Access Board Requirements
Access Board Link

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Public Playground Safety Handbook

Women In the Wind
A group of women who share in the joy of Harley Riding, who also are involved in many fundraisers

CAMDEN Accessible Playground

CURRENT FUNDRAISERS CAN BE FOUND ON THE "FUNDRAISER" PAGE HERE. Known as CAMDEN'S ANGELS, those who have donated to the rebuild are listed HERE.

Current Fundraisers AND Rebuild Information can be found on the Rebuild Page found here.

This year a new phase of the playground has come about...CAMDEN Playground is in desperate need of help. Leathers and Associates has informed us that the playground is in need of a major rebuild to keep it safe for those who use it. The cost of this upgrade will be at least, $360,000.00 which includes $70,000 donated by the City of Janesville..

To make a donation that will have an additional $2 added to it, thanks to the Janesville Generations Fund and the Janesville Foundation; please send donations to Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin; 26 S. Jackson St., Janesville, WI 53545; make sure you write out checks to Janesville Generation Fund- CAMDEN.

If you'd like to make a direct deposit (no matching grant added), you can do it directly to JOHNSON BANK, CAMDEN FUNDRAISER, 2021 E. HOLIDAY DR., JANESVILLE, WI 53545 or directly deposited at ANY Johnson Bank in the State of Wisconsin, as long as you tell them you want it put into the CAMDEN Fundraiser account.


Janesville Community Fund-$10,000 Katsumi & Joan Neeno- $500.00 SWBCTC- $500.00 Anonymous- $250.00
James & Linda Lyke $100.00 Alan & Kim Dexter- $100.00 SOUTH CENTRAL WI HARLEY OWNERS GROUP- $1000. Ladies of Harley-CAMDEN Event*- $4,200.
Janice Delo- $50.00 BMO Harris- $5,000. Wes & Aimee Hoops- $100. Edward & Jenn Schroeder- $100
Dean Paynter- $50 Anonymous-$50,000 Festival Foods-$10,000 National Mutual Benefit-$500
Anonymous-$8,000. Janesville Generations Fund-$50,000. Janesville Foundation-$50,000. (matching grant with Janesville Generations Fund)
For a complete listing of all our donors for this special Fundraisers, go here, you'll be surprised at what you see. So many generous people willing to step forward for this special playground. And Especially to the SCWHOG and LoH for all these many years of raising money to keep CAMDEN Playground alive....THANK YOU ALL

Camden Accessible Playground

  • The Beginning
  • The Laws
  • The Media
  • The Fundraising
  • The Volunteers
  • The Donations
  • The Middle-First Stage of Construction
  • The Final Construction
  • The Future

If you have stopped at this site, you must be interested in the building of an accessible playground. Well all are welcome here and i would like to take the opportunity to tell you of this fabulous playground, built in 2 phases between September 1992 and May, 1993. Built with nearly 3,000 volunteers, this playground was considered at the time of completion, the most accessible playground in the world and the largest accessible playground in the world. The size of a football field, this wooden play area, is 80 to 100% accessible, depending on the special need. Wheelchairs and walks are able to make their way through the playground in all areas, up to heights of approximately 6' high. There are many slides, which offer a flatter end to allow those with special needs to slow and sit at the bottom until they can be helped into their wheelchair or walker. There is a huge variety of items dealing with sensory stimulation which is very important for those with special needs.

First of all, before we get started we will introduce you to a booklet written for those who are interested in building an accessible/integrated playground. When CAMDEN Playground was built, we had nothing to go by, so Sherry Kuelz, Co-Founder/President of CAMDEN Playground, wrote a very informative booklet with a wealth of information regarding how CAMDEN playground was created. Included are fundraisers done; organizations to approach; cost of supplies; addresses of the many government agencies to contact, equipment companies; how to obtain licenses you'll need; agencies and books which are invaluable; businesses; plans; sample brochures, speeches, posters, letters, news released, registrations, liability releases, and volunteer sign-up sheets. These are just a few of the items found in the booklet along with photos during the building period. To obtain one, contact us by contacting Cullen Slapak at the City of Janesville Parks Department, 608-373-3406.

This playground is therapeutic as well as fun for all children, we have had calls from parents such as the father who called and told us how his daughter pulled between the parallel bars in her wheelchair, stood up and walked for the first time in her life. And the young man who went up the ramp to the 6' level, and that was the first time his father realized he'd ever been that far off the ground. Or Camden himself who stepped onto the playground during the grand opening and for the first time in his life upon seeing the bucket swing, said "swing". There are many other stories to be told, but why not experience them for yourself?

Prior to the building of CAMDEN Playground, the most accessible playground was only 40%, but CAMDEN Foundation raised that to 100% accessible. Not only that, but it broke other barriers also. CAMDEN Playground brought people with special needs out of the darkness, it helped people realize that just because you have a special need, there is nothing to fear. That people with special needs are just like you and I. That is where prejudice stems from, the fear of the unknown, and CAMDEN Playground eliminated that by allowing those with and without special needs to play together in a place which is natural for children. Once they are in this environment they don't notice the differences, they only find they are having fun and everything else vanishes.

To move on to the future without that prejudice that once existed, the children grow into adults and that hatred that once was there has gone. And that is what CAMDEN Playground has done, and is doing all around the world with the playgrounds which have been modeled after it. It has broken down the barriers and set so many free. It has allowed adults with special needs the opportunity to go out and enjoy a day at the park with their own children when before they couldn't. It had allowed senior citizens a chance to get out of nursing homes and go to a place where they can just get away from being cooped up in a room all day, and it gives everyone a chance to know one another without being ridiculed. And isn't that something that makes life worth living?

In the following pages, you will find items on the different phases, fundraising, volunteers, laws, media, and what has happened since the completion of the playground. This is a playground known worldwide, with inquiries from Holland and Canada as well as throughout the United States. It has been the model for playgrounds worldwide, and continues to be the most popular place to go in the summertime for area residents. Many schools take field trips to the playground and visitors traveling through stop for a glimpse of the large castle which rises over the structure, with a dragon emerging from the wall, a moat, and life sized alligator and sea turtle.

In May, 2003 Camden Playground celebrated its 10th year of existence with a huge party. People who had helped build the playground as well as government employees, radio, newspaper, and television crew came down to capture the moment for the future. There was a flea market, prizes given out, bands played, food served, free pop given to everyone, tearful speeches, and as a special treat to one organization who had every year donated money without even being asked. One piece of equipment was added to the playground at that time.

Every year, the South Central Harley Owners Group does a ride the first weekend in May, and raises money for the playground. They do it without our asking and the money is used for the upkeep of the playground. Without this funding, Camden Playground would not have the money which helps keep it up as it is. So in honor of them, we had a specially made, one of a kind spring toy made. Now a Harley Davidson spring toy with a side car sits in the playground in the colors of HD, with the SCWHOG name and Chapter number on the side. We even have a picture taken that day of the group it was presented to which will be put on the site soon. Thank you, SCWHOG for your continued support.

We would also like to thank the credit unions who continue to sell the checks with the Camden Playground picture on them, and the Cronin Foundation for their help when we ask for it, we are very appreciative of all you do for us. Thank you.

And to the people who use the playground and respect its existence, thank you. You are the reason this playground is here, please take care of it, and enjoy it. Learn to grow together and respect each other, never let prejudice ever stand in the way of friendship. Now, sit back and enjoy hearing of this popular play area, and feel free to write for more information. This page will be ever changing, but we are always available to answer questions, just click on the mailbox, or if not working, use the address below the counter.



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