CAMDEN Accessible Playground

May, 1993 was a day which changed much in the lives of people all around the world. In a two phase build, the largest accessible and most accessible playground was completed in Janesville, WI.

Since that time over 200 playgrounds have been built worldwide modeled after this special playground and playground equipment companies have changed the amount of accessible equipment produced. This playground, CAMDEN Accessible/Integrated Playground, was built with over 3,000 volunteers and from 1993-2014 has had 1.3 million visitors.

However, after this much use, there is also a negative; the wood which makes up the majority of the playground has begun to deteriorate and calls for a rebuild. C.A.M.D.E.N. Foundation, Inc. has kept up with the playground, helping to replace equipment that has broken down, and supply the sealant for the wood, and fibar for the ground cover.

Aug 26-28 and Sept. 6-11 volunteers helped to rebuild this playground, however it wasn't completed because of the lack of Volunteers and the weather, so now the city is working on finishing it up. It may be opened by Summer, 2017 and once that is done, this special playground will have rubber matting for ground cover and recycled materials instead of wood, which will be long lasting and virtually maintenance free. This will save C.A.M.D.E.N. Foundation around $10,000 a year which will be placed in an account for the future upkeep of the playground.

Take a trip with us and learn how you can help rebuild CAMDEN Playground, also known as "The Castle Playground, in Palmer Park, Janesville, WI